Welcome to the Alexander Kucheravy's site.

   There are three major sections on this site. Project section contains some of my personal projects for Win32 and J2ME platforms. Resume section speaks for itself. Album sections is the largest one. There you can find more than 2GB of photos and more than 18 GB of video. Almost everything was captured by myself or in my presence.

  I had to leave Thomson Reuters and now I'm looking for a job. I'm looking for a software project manager position preferably within Microsoft environment and I'd really appreciate any help. I'd like the job to be on the technical side where I would be able to contribute to the project architecture and infrastracture and manage a team of developers to lead them through the whole project cycle starting from business specs to the production deployment.
  Everything is settled down, again. Soon, moving will become my lifestyle if not yet. New move brought new impressions, new pictures and you are always welcome in the photo and video sections. New internet provider blocks outbound port 80, so you can come on port 81 as it was before.
  Another sharp turn is about to happen to my being. Soon, I'm going to move back to New York City. While in transition the site won't be available from the end of May till the end of June 2006. I'll try to minimize the outage period and will restore the service as soon as possible.
  Photo/Video section navigaion was improved. Now, the left side navigation is divided for two windows - the top window with the light weighted tree and the bottom window with the list of items in the folder. It reduces the initial download size.
  Photo and video sections are constantly updating. Don't forget to come regularly.
  There are significant updates in photo and video sections from year 2004.
  It seems that nothing’s over yet. I got into a terrible bureaucratic loop. So, any propositions, comments, advices or useful information concerning job opportunity are very welcome. Thank you everyone in advance. As before, you can find my resume here. You also can download it in Word and Plain Text format. Some of my personal projects you can find here. Please, contact me at kucheravy@gmail.com.
  Finally, I settled down in St. Louis. The site will be accessible on two ports 81 (444) and 80 (443). Photo and video updates from my latest vacation coming soon.
  Thank you everyone who was helping me to find a job. Fortunatly, the job hunting race is over. Soon, I shall move to another place and as a result of that the site will be temporarely unavailable in May and June 2004. I shall restore the connectivity as soon as possible.
  Video section is opened.

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